Nutrisystem Turbo 13

Hello! I am Rachael, a 35-year-old stay at home mom in Boston and i created Womens Business Research. ( My plan is to write about my experiences i have had with different products and business’s )

My first business i have wrote about is Nutrisystem and reviewed all its positive and negatives and if it really works.

So to start with i am sure you will be wondering how much weight did i lose? … i will cover my step by step transformation and give you a brief overview of my situation so you can relate.

I work 40 hours each week in a company I operate out of home. Which means I really do a great deal of sitting, apart from feeding my dog, and after that I am done with that, I am tired. Lazy right?!

Here is my kitchen and dog ­čÖé

Why did I Choose to use Nutrisystem Turbo 13?

I chose to begin Nutrisystem turbo 13 for any range of factors. When working from home, I had been eating too much too frequently–it was only simple with all the kitchen right nearby. When working in the office, I’d either go the entire day without eating and also be famished and run-down once I got home, or I’d break down and spend $10 on a sandwich or even sushi in the grocery shop.

It was not awful, but it was not good, and it was not a system.

Each summer, when travelling, I’d lose about 15 lbs. Subsequently every winter, I’d gain it back. I despise that. I hate that my winter clothing are a couple of sizes larger than my summer clothing.

I realized I need to get a system if I will look after myself–it is not healthy to gain that weight and lose it each year. And that I was sick of being tired and eating straightforward meals such as a yogurt or a granola bar which didn’t leave me satisfied, and ingesting man-sized meals together with my son which I knew were not a healthy option for me.

Furthermore, I realized I just was not going to think of the system by myself. I have tried this, but for the past ten years the exact same procedure has lasted over and above. The responsible choice was supposed to find any aid, and nutrisystem turbo 13 seemed quite simple.

The major draw for me was that the simplicity. I really like to cook, but in this year in my entire life my focus will be on growing my company and saving to purchase a house. Actually, that isn’t correct. I have the power to do those things, but I still do not wish to perform them. I wish to spend my valuable time with my loved ones, friends, and significant other, not counting things or weighing food portions.

And today we get to discuss weight.

My Weight and size: let’s talk figures

Before Nutrisystem

Before Nutrisystem Turbo 13

Weight is not something that we like to discuss, particularly for ladies. It is most likely the thing we are definitely the most competitive and lethargic about, except for our wages. Why? As it is a tough number. It’s, culturally, some measure of the worth as girls.

Since a prosperous weight reduction program may change your own life. Slimming down steadily in a healthful, sustainable manner can help you to feel better, move better, look better… it is just better.

I wish I could say that is the most I have ever guessed, but it is not. My weight has soared between 130 and 180 lbs since I was around maybe 13 years old.

After 6 months on Nutrisystem Turbo 13 I weighed 294 lbs. I lost 80 lbs in 12 months, which is just below 2 pounds per week. This puts me about a size 10/12.

I can not talk to ins lost since I am not a tape measure type of woman. But I am a hairstyle woman, and most of us know that the feeling of getting back to the jeans you love. My summer time jeans! I can wear them at the winter!

I will be honest — I did not do this each day. Among the greatest things about Nutrisystem Turbo 13 to me personally is that I always messed up, and it still functioned.

None. It is embarrassing, but accurate.

after Nutrisystem Turbo 13

My Exercise and Physical Fitness regimine

However, I was motivated by the concept that 30 minutes of exercise a day was sufficient. I have completed exercise programs and weight loss plans which necessitated strenuous, hour-long work outs, that is not a sustainable lifestyle for me. I have even done that struggle in which you do hot yoga daily for a month. I simply can not wait for it to be over–I still have not been back since.

Or I could hop on the treadmill, and when I just make it 20 minutes, then I nonetheless have completed most of that which was requested of me. I can observe a 30-minute television series and workout for the term. In actuality, I am done with Nutrisystem Turbo 13 today, but the impact of attempting to incorporate thirty minutes of exercise to my everyday routine has lasted. It is fairly simple.

And then, it is simpler to keep exercising for another 15 or 30 minutes, that gets me a great deal of additional reward.

The Nutrisystem Turbo 13 Meal Program

Okay, so what is Nutrisystem turbo 13 about? You will find many different strategies, but my strategy supplied me with a breakfast, dinner, lunch, dessert/snack, and protein shake to get daily. Some of them were frozen foods, and others were shelf-stable things I could store in the cupboard. There was a major collection of things to select from, and I would submit my alternatives partway into every single month and find a delivery once it was time to begin another month.

It was my obligation to supplement these foods with vegetables, fruits, and dairy products in the grocery store. I am not a massive fan of milk, so I’d frequently substitute almond milk for cow’s milk. Again, did I really do things perfectly? No. Occasionally I created amazing salads and needed an apple at all times.

Reducing the meals is simple. Storing the dishes is simple. Placing them is… mainly simple. I will confess it took me nearly the whole six months to work out how to make the macaroni and cheese properly, but I’d love it after I figured it out. (Notice: the microwave manner does not really do the job. Boil the water.)

There is a variety of food available. I have included an image of the selection below.

So what is the food?

The wide variety of food was truly great, I need to say. I didn’t get bored, unless I have slack and ordered just a couple of different dinner things for a few month.

My suggestion is to attempt one of every product the initial month and keep track of everything you enjoy the best.

I was overall really delighted with the food. I did discover that lots of items were heavy on sauce for me, though I do not generally use a good deal of sauce or condiments in my food. I discovered that I actually liked adding vegetables, such as broccoli or spinach, to the food, which spread the sauce farther and produced everything taste good.

The frozen breakfast burritos have been a massive surprise, since I expected to loathe them, but they grew to be among my favourite foods! Since ending the Nutrisystem turbo 13 course, I have made comparable burritos myself and froze them to re-heat from the mornings. Mine are not as superior as the Nutrisystem turbo 13 ones! However, I enjoy the addiction they created.

There were, needless to say, meals I did not adore. The frozen desserts were perhaps too great (seriously great), however, a number of those cake-style deserts were excessively sweet and tasted like protein bars.

Nutrisystem has put me up to realize that the benefit of eating small, balanced meals during the day is a real a help. I know, that is something that I must know at the time I am 30 years old.

However, it’s really easy to skip breakfast! It is really easy to eat a massive lunch and skip dinner. I feel like Nutrisystem has put me up to realize that the advantage of eating small, balanced meals through the day.

I was originally skeptical of this protein shakes too. However, these were just one of my favourite areas of the Nutrisystem program! The strawberry and coffee shakes were delicious and delicious (there are many other flavours too), and therefore were a real treat for me through the afternoon. They are quite easy to travel with, drink in the vehicle, or possess any moment of day. This is a custom that I intend to remain for the near future!

Total Impact of Nutrisystem Turbo 13

I feel so far better since beginning Nutrisystem. I understand part of this is the weight reduction, but I am also certain a major portion of it’s the nutrition. Daily for six months, I have been receiving a balance of carbohydrates, protein, protein, vegetables, and fibre. In addition, I feel like I have internalized how large a suitable dinner part should be smaller than I am utilized to, that is for certain! But enough to feel fulfilled.

And it is much easier to go to the gym since I understand that if I move, I really feel good and have more energy.

Nobody’s Ideal ( Cheat Days)

I still drink wine a couple of days every week, and I did this while I had been on Nutrisystem too. I am pretty certain you are not supposed to, but I still did not wish to give this up!

In addition, I drink coffee a few times weekly. I Enjoy it. I don’t have any idea if I had been supposed to be doing this on Nutrisystem, but I did. This was the huge thing for mepersonally.

And missteps I certainly took. We would go out for the occasional burrito. Someone would purchase pizza, and I would have a piece. We would meet friends for supper. I would have a cupcake or even a glass of champagne.

I have lost weight before, and I have dropped it quicker than I ever did over the previous six months. But not in a secure way, rather than in a simple manner. The nutrisystem diet definately helps if you mess up as the other times when your healthy eating cover the slip ups.


My general takeaway from Nutrisystem was great. I have gotten in fairly great shape effortlessly, and it has not been demanding or difficult.

Luckily, the plates and boxes to get your own Nutrisystem turbo 13 meals are recyclable, so the waste was nominal than I ever anticipated. In addition, I was no more purchasing any other packed meals, so that waste of money was eliminated.

I generally saved money on general eating in life.

Is it difficult to stay with?

It is probably difficult to follow totally. In reality, life does get in the way however dont let that discourage you. I refuse to forget a dinner out with my son or an opportunity to celebrate a vacation because I am eating microwave lasagna in my home.

What is not difficult is to mainly stick with it. It is not difficult for many days to do all of things straight, and for me personally, that worked! I’m grocery shopping for 2, which still worked fine if just one of us had been performing Nutrisystem.

It is certainly easy to catch breakfast and bring lunch to work. Dinner is a bit more difficult if you would like to eat together, but we would typically share a salad or vegetables, then I would have my Nutrisystem supper, plus he would have a slice of chicken or even a sandwich or actually whatever he needed. Therewas ┬áno additional cooking–in actuality, it was a good deal less!

Overall, I am really pleased with my Nutrisystem encounter. I am only a real person that has a busy work schedule, does not enjoy exercising, and would like to come home into your glass of wine rather than a treadmill. However when it comes to meal plans and losing weight Nutrisystem really does have the edge on everyone else and i suppose thats why it has been around for nearly 20+ years.

Nutrisystem does it right!

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